Amplify your business to new heights!

Amplify Your Business

Small business owners face unique challenges…

  • Working long hours to make sure your business is running smoothly can make it tough to keep up with new projects and administrative tasks
  • Wearing many hats and often playing the role of receptionist, sales person, accountant, marketing rep and CEO of your company
  • Putting time, money and energy into a business you love but, not having the time, money or energy to enjoy the people you love
  • Struggling to market your business and get the clientele that you need to achieve financial success

If you are…

  • A small business owner or start up company
  • Making $100k per year or more
  • Serious about ramping up your business

The Business Maximizer can provide you with the guidance you need to AMPLIFY and break the $1 million mark!

AMPLIFY your skills and break free of limiting thought patterns and actions. As you continue to grow your business, your leadership skills are one of the biggest assets you bring to your company. Your business and employees depend on you to lead your company to success. The AMPLIFY program is designed to help small business owners shift their mindset from that of an employee, to that of a leader so that they can achieve that coveted seven figure income.

You don’t have to do it all alone… it all comes down to a simple shift in your mindset.

Your Next Steps

Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

Identify your biggest challenges, clarify your goals and prioritize your next steps. Your breakthrough strategy session will get you on the path to significant gains in your business. Pamela has the practical know how to help you break through the barriers common to businesses that are striving for that next level.

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Exclusive 1-Day VIP Coaching Workshop

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with Pamela in this exclusive and intimate full day, group coaching workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to share your successes, connect with like minded people and receive one-on-one coaching with Pamela. Space in this workshop is limited to just 12 amazing business owners who are ready to AMPLIFY.

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Monthly Maximizer Insider Call (12 month mastermind program)

If you want to…

  • Make more money, attract more clients and have fun doing it
  • Know that you are capable of growing your business into something greater
  • Collaborate with a group of like minded individuals

It’s time to become part of an exclusive group of business professionals and get the tools, encouragement and support to finally AMPLIFY your success!

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